- Introduction ::

Dungeon Helper is a program designed to make it easier to play P&P games like Shadowrun or Dungeons&Dragons over the Internet.

Basically it is a Whiteboard where players can place a little pin to indicate where they are standing and where they are looking. The Gamemaster can add Pictures (like Floorplans), various objects (like recangles, lines etc.) and NPC's. He can also add little bits of information to Players and NPC's, like their hitpoints and class.

Other features include a chat, the abillity to roll any number and kind of dice inside the programm (i.e. roll 10 D20 or 2 D6) and much more!

Have a look at the Screenshots to see how it looks like in action!

- News ::

- 26.8.09 - V2.1.6.0
After quite some time finally a new version! # Changing opacity of objects now also works when they are selected, not only when they are created. # Clicking hyperlinks in chat now opens them in the default browser. # The chat can now be resized and/or hidden. # Showing and hiding of the notes got a seperate menu item instead of lcicking on the Notes menu item itself, should be much cleaerer now. # Adding an Image won't crash other players anymore. # Image resizing fixed. - 12.12.07 - V2.1.5.0
Phew, this time there are quite some new things:
# Added an autoupdate feature. DH will now update itself, no need to download installer or zip to upgrade!
# Changed Whiteboard save/load to a new, more robust format. Old files can still be loaded.
# The GM can now Lock kinds of Objects, i.e. all Rectangles. Comes in handy if you dont want to accidentally move part of a map you ve drawn ;)
# The GM can now allow players to draw kinds of objects. This and the above feature is available through the right-click menu on the object buttons as well as through a new options window.
# Chatlog autosaving can now be turned on and off in the options.
# Fixed image-sending to other clients, they won t be eformed anymore.

- 4.12.07 - V2.1.3.2
The only new thing in this version is the ability to enable/disable the chatlog-autosave feature in the options, and one little bugfix in the localization file handling.

- 30.11.07 - V2.1.3.1
This is mostly a "bugfix" release, but one new feature also found its way into the new version =)
# Specific Objects can now be locked, i.e. all rectangles, all images etc. by rightclicking on their buttons in the toolbar.
# The timestamps in the chat will now remain black and won´t get colored in the chat-color of the players.

- 26.11.07 - V2.1.3.0
Some new features, thanks to Firewrath for the suggestions!
# New dice-throwing format: /5d6 is the same as /d6 5, might be more intuitive. Old format still works, though ;)
# Chat Log gets now autosaved in a "Logs" folder. The filename is the time and date when DH was started.
# Players can now set their chat color. That might make it easier to distinguish between individual players.

- 13.06.07 -
No new version today, but something different! I took the time to create a little tutorial which shows what one can do as a gamemaster. You can find it here.

- 12.06.07 - V2.1.2.1
This time just a minor improvement, rotation of images must no longer be multiples of 90°.

- 11.06.07 - V2.1.2.0
Not too much to tell about this version:
# When Objects were moved, the new Position would not get sent to the clients - fixed!
# Images can now be rotated by selecting them and pressing the right mouse button.

- 7.06.07 - V2.1.1.0
First the big news: The Dungeon Helper project has a new team member: Rick! He will help with developing the programm further, and will also look into the forums and help out there. Welcome aboard =)
Now to the new version - this time its just a bugfix release. There was a nasty bug with deleting objects, namely you couldn`t. Fixed!

- 14.05.07 - V2.1.0.0
Over one year since the last update, now its finally here =) No new features this time, but many optimizations. And the new version now runs under linux with mono, not perfect but playable.

- 19.04.06 - V2.0.3.0
All controls at the top of the window are now in fancy toolbars and can be dragged and repositioned.

- 12.04.06 - V2.0.2.0
As always this update contains some bugfixes and tweaks. New features:
# Notes can be saved/loaded.
# When you throw dice you can add a comment.
# You can assign chat-macros to the F1-F12 keys.

- 11.04.06 - V2.0.1.0
Some small Bugfixes, and one new feature, you can now open a little sidebar where you can write down things while you play.

- 3.04.06 - V2.0.0.0
All known bugs are fixed, many little things tweaked, the first "final" version is here!

- 23.03.06 - V1.9.8.6
Not too many new features, but many many speed and performance improvements. Oh, and quite some bugfixes ;P
# The GM can give control over NPC's to players, useful if a player has a pet or something.
# Objects can now be painted partly transparent, to show the radius of the light from a torch, etc.
# The Whiteboard can now be exported as an Image.

- 17.03.06 - V1.9.7.3
Major update. Many many bugs fixed, and some new features:
# Add a "Initiative Box". It's a box where you can add NPC/Players and enter for example there Initiative rolls. This box is visible to all Players, editiable only by the GM.
# Images are now cached to save traffic, so you only have to receive them once.
# Dungeon Helper now works under Win2k and Win98.
# and more...

- 09.03.06 -
First public release! yeah! =)
This version may still contain bugs so expect some Updates in the near future.

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